BTP Grup

BTP Grup, Established as a result of a 30-year experience, aluminum cladding systems, particularly in Turkey and international arenas, construction contracting, drinking and waste water projects, greenhouse projects, has been operating in many different sectors such as real estate consulting and foreign trade. BTP Grup is a company that has contributed to the economic, social and cultural growth of our country since its establishment.

BTP Grup, a global perspective both in Turkey and in the framework of international demand and expectations of the people that always takes center Pursuing the principle of providing Moreover, it promotes raising the quality of life. For this reason, every area in which BTP operates is a solution center and a value introduce to life.

BTP is always open to development and innovation, has expanded, blended with trust and harmony with its business partners and employees, has reached a global dimension with the boundaries it carries with the products and services it offers, with an understanding of work and group philosophy.

Vision / Mission


BTP, together with our employees, has developed projects of universal quality and standards, and added value to every life we touch in every field we operate, and has achieved the goal of 5 times growth in 3 continents in our 35th year (2024).


BTP “Puts human in focus” and takes its inspiration from human. In this direction, while supporting sustainable development with a working principle dedicated to quality and sustainable value increase, it aims to leave a safe and positive life for future generations in all areas.


Construction Activities Started


Facade production facility started operating


Started to operate in the facade sector


BTP started its business center


First overseas project started in Iraq


Concrete and Eps plant started operating


Operations started in the real estate sector


Exports to Europe accelerated


BTP Grup Senegal starts operating


Social Responsibility

BTP has worked in many social responsibility projects.